Established on 2012



The following are the major aims and objectives of the IDOPRA

  1. To create an aware about the basic concepts of the research among the academic Faculty Communities at Globally
  2. To motivate the researchers on how to write the research papers at an International level
  3. To promote the research skills among the Faculty and students at Global Research Trends
  4. To Initiate networking among academic Faculty and make a research strength at globally
  5. To share research knowledge and learn from each other
  6. To explore emerging areas of research in different discipline
  7. To foster and encourage a research attitude suggesting an open mindedness and willingness to change when the evidence indicates the need for change
  8. To encourage and stimulate better training in research procedures and methods
  9. To foster and promote the exchange of information and experiences relating to measurement, evaluation, and research
  10. To provide and maintain libraries, and such other services and protect the field of different research toward student’s communities
  11. To Supports teachers in creating innovative lessons
  12. To create and implement Innovations in the Education, Research and Technology to the people through out the nation.
  13. To eradicate the state, community and religion politics among public in the Nation
  14. To regulate, monitor and control the terrorism through the power of young generation at National level
  1. To motivate the academic Faculty to teach the lesson based on research ideas to Students go for conduct the seminars, conferences, workshops, training and development programs at an International and National level.
  2. To promote and establish an international standard logo for Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D) communities with effective and enrich the academic based on the research and which will be differed like medical doctors and other doctors who are not within that an academic circle. 


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