The following are the major aims and objectives of the Consortium

  • To create an aware about the basic concepts of the research among the Faculty and Student Communities at Globally
  • To motivate the students on how to write the research papers at International level
  • To promote the research skills among the Faculty and students at Global Research Trends
  • To Initiate networking among Faculty and students at Globally
  • To share research knowledge and learn from each other
  • To explore emerging areas of research in different discipline
  • To foster and encourage a research attitude suggesting an open mindedness and willingness to change when the evidence indicates the need for change
  • To encourage and stimulate better training in research procedures and methods
  • To foster and promote the exchange of information and experiences relating to measurement, evaluation, and research
  • To provide and maintain libraries, and such other services and protect the field of different research toward students communities
  • To motivate the Faculty and Students go for conduct the seminars, conferences, workshops, training and development programmes at an International and National level