About Us


We are very happy to announce that providing a platform for faculty and students to prove themselves in different field of research areas. We will welcome all the faculties and students from different departments at globally to show their respective research work and exchange their ideas each others for better outcome. IFSMRC is set for faculties’ and students’ research and covering all the technical information and latest projects which will be also a stepping stone for our followers. Hope this consortium be helpful and enrich the participants and contributors in the technical skills and in its related research areas.

IFSMRC has established on January, 2011.  IFSMRC is locating an head office, at The Heart of Chennai Metropolitan City, Tamil Nadu, India and its having different chapters head office at international level viz; India, Ethiopia, Oman, Dubai, Mexico, Bangladesh, Iran, Italy, Germany, London, USA, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Botswana, Napoca, Kuwait Saudi Arabia, Singapore, etc. and it will be extended some more countries in soon.

We will also likely to publish on our website for the best top 10 research works once in a 6 month such that students and faculties/teachers will be benefited


IFSMRC envisions fostering and developing an environment in the field of research. Developing the passion of excelling themselves in their interested field’s students from different branches will come into one roof to share their excellence in research field at globally.


The mission of IFSMRC is to make the faculty and student vigilant of developing their confidence and personality in presenting the paper presentations and publishing. It also inspires faculties and students through Guest lectures, Workshops and many more competitions to sheen the innovative ideas into start ups and also establish a friendly relationship between faculty and students from different branches at an International level.

IFSMRC is denote that International Faculty and Students Multi-Research Consortium