Perception Towards Job Satisfaction Among Women Employees In Private Sector Banks

A study entitle “PERCEPTION TOWARDS JOB SATISFACTION AMONG WOMEN EMPLOYEES IN PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS”, in Tamil Nadu concluded that in women Employees tend to love their job if they get what they believe is an important attribute of a good job. Chi-Square Test of each such attribute based on in-depth survey has been calculated. Age, Perception, Job satisfaction and level of income study of job satisfaction has provided consistent picture with respect to distribution of data set analyzed showed that most of the women employees in private sector are satisfied with their job. Total job satisfaction level of males is found to be higher than that of woman. The results of the study show the feelings of job satisfaction contributing variables experienced by women employees occur in quite high levels. Furthermore, there is quite a strong impact on the variables on age, level of income, educational qualification and number of family members. However, further investigation was carried out in the Indian population, so that the phenomena of job satisfaction and related variables are well studied and promoted.

Authors Name: 
Kala Devi, M