Translating Employee Engagement Into Business Performance: Scope And Barriers

ABSTRACT In past years employee engagement has evolved as fundamental approach in business world. Almost every big or small organization is executing this concept and trying to reap out benefits. This paper aims to substantiate that mere knowledge of the employee engagement as a concept and spending money and efforts in performing the surveys on employees may not give desirable results to the organizations and the results may also vary. The paper is an attempt to study and to conclude the probable reasons behind this. Paper also summarizes and generates few evocations for translating employee engagement into business performance. For achieving the objectives four such organizations, which have implemented employee engagement efforts in their organizations, were chosen and their financial performances were compared from before and after quarterly financial ratio analysis it was observed that in spite of investing in attempts to improve engagement levels of employees, all organizations were not getting benefits or good benefits out of them. To find out probable reasons behind failures or not so successful outcomes of employee engagement, accessible middle and higher level management people were interviewed to gather their opinion about what is going wrong and what can be done to correct and to translate employee engagement into business performances