The purpose of this study was to assess Good Governance Practices, Employee’s Workplace Friendship and Task Performance of the University. A sample of 338 employees (both academics and supportive) were randomly selected. Adapted standard research instruments were used. The result of the findings show that a significant number (41%) of respondents confirmed that as they did not perceive Good Governance Practices in the University. 68% of employee is not satisfied with The Indian Diamond Jewellery market is undergoing a gradual metamorphosis from unorganized to organized formats. The Diamond Jewellery business in India is estimated to beat Rs. 50,000 crores. According to the independent estimation studies conducted by World Diamond Council & Mckinsey, out of the overall market share, the share of organized Diamond Jewellery market is less than Rs. 1,000 crores. This accounts to about 2-3 % of the total market share that this is a relatively new segment of the market, which is poised to grow. The present study mainly focuses on the relationship between perception, expectation and satisfaction of buyers of Diamond Jewellery products. Each and every consumer is having different taste of perception, expectation and satisfaction the Diamond Jewellery products. 500 respondents were selected as sample for the study from the metropolitan cities of Tamil Nadu. Diamond Jewellery buying is no longer confined to seasonal cycles. The consumers perception, expectation and satisfaction shows a shift from content to design in Diamond Jewellery i.e. fashionable Diamond Jewellery is the rage nowadays and acquires a status symbol in their minds.

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Dr. M. Lokanadha Reddy, Dr. J. Vijayakumar