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ISSUE-01, Volume-01,Jan-Jun-2013

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1 The Role of Government policy package in boosting Export - A Comparative Study of Ethiopia, South Korea and Vietnam
 - Mr. Azmera Andemo Kello
2 A Study on Institutional Viability and Financial Performance of Micro-Finance Institutions in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaSpecial Reference with  ADCSI, SFPI and Wisdom
 - Mr. Andinet Asmelash (MS.c),
3 Effective Warehousing: A Boon for Supply Chain Laurels
 - Dr. Vipul Chalotra
4 Analytical Approach to neuro marketing as A Business Strategy
 - LCI. Asela A. Burgos-Campero, José G. Vargas-Hernández
5 Role of Non-Governmental Organizations and Peoples' Participation on Wasteland Development in India
 - Dr. C. Anbalagan
6 User Satisfaction through PluralComprehensive Primaryhealthmodel
- José G. Vargas-Hernández, M. en C. José de Jesús Jaime Guzmán
Strategy Implementation on Global Approach and Trends in Implementing- A Strategy
 - Gyan Mani Singh, Dr. C. Anbalagan
8 A Study on the Economic Rights of the People and Corruption in India
 - Dr.P.Arunachalam
9 Impact of M (Mobile) Commerce Applications and Romance on Consumers
- Dr. Katta Ravindra
Analyze the Performance of Multipurpose Cooperatives in Input and Out Agricultural Marketing in Adwa Woreda, Tigray Region, Ethiopia
 - -Dr. M.Muthyalu
11 Determinants of Consumers’ Purchase Decision for Mobile Phone Devices
Mesay Sata and Simeret Belete
12 Do the Cash and Carry stores can break the affinity of traditional Retailers and Wholesalers? A study in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India
 - Mr.M.Sivakoti Reddy, Mr.A.NagaBhushan, Mr.D.SudheerBabu, Mr.S.Sudheer, Dr.O.Ravi Sankar
13 Stress Is the Order of Day - A Critical Analysis of BPO Employees
 - Dr.S.M.Murali Krishna, Dr. K. SudeshKumar