Consumer Decision Making Styles in Chennai Shopping Malls: An Empirical Study

Abstract “I don't go to the malls to shop. Sure I might buy something, but it's not opportunity or need that brings me to a mall- it's the glitter and glitz, the chance to mingle. A good mall is like a good man: it offers entertainment, excitement and enlightenment.” - (Gershman 1988, p. 43). Gone are the days when people had to buy different things at different places. Those were the days when there were separate markets for various things. People used to visit general stores for purchasing daily-required household materials. Now, almost everything is available for all of us under just one roof. Thanks to the numerous shopping malls that have opened across the country in last ten years. The shopping malls have made shopping an easy activity for people now. This paper discusses the emergence of mall culture in Chennai that has grown with an incredible pace. Just a few years back, people had to make a choice among shopping, movies or hanging out on a holiday but thanks to our malls, all these jobs can be performed at the same time, under the same roof and all this results in awonderful experience. And it is basically the experience and not the intention that counts when it comes to shopping malls. Consumer decision making process is a complex phenomenon. The purchase of goods or services includes a number of factors that could affect each decision. Decision making is more complex and even more important for consumers today than in the past. This paper studies the decision making style of consumers in Chennai shopping malls. This study will be of high relevance to modern retailers as the choice of a shopping mall is in essence a lifestyle decision for many consumers.

Authors Name: 
Dr.Lalitha Balakrishnan, Ms. Nisha.U