Do the Cash and Carry stores can break the affinity of traditional Retailers and Wholesalers? A study in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India

Abstract Retailing is the oldest phenomenon in India. Centuries together the Indian retailers have been depending on the traditional wholesalers, those who will act as the mediators between the manufacturers, importers and suppliers to the retailers. In this phenomenon the wholesalers provide the goods to the retailers and through them they will reach to the end users. But the recent changes in the Indian economy and the decisions taken by the Government of India changed this scenario. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) allow the various multinational companies like Wall Mart, Tesco, Metro AG , Carrefour and so on to enter into the Indian retail market. This paper will analyze the impact of the Cash and Carry stores on traditional wholesalers and the unorganized retailers. This study has been carried out in Guntur, Vijayawada and Vigaz, the coastal cities of Andhra Pradesh. This work brings about the information of the Cash and Carry store’s degree of impact on Kirana stores, benefits and detriments of doing business with the MNCs and as well as the traditional wholesalers and how the traditional wholesalers are competing with the MNCs

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Mr.M.Sivakoti Reddy, Mr.A.NagaBhushan, Mr.D.SudheerBabu, Mr.S.Sudheer, Dr.O.Ravi Sankar