Analyze the Performance of Multipurpose Cooperatives in Input and Out Agricultural Marketing in Adwa Woreda, Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Abstract Ethiopia is among the poorest countries in the world where agriculture is the major source of living for more than 83 per cent of its people. Besides, the sector is the dominant one in the national economy. But agricultural performance in production and productivity is poor to bring sustainable changes in the living standards of the rural community. Among others, underdeveloped agricultural marketing system is a major factor for the poor performance of the sector. The overall objective of the study was to analyze the performance of MPCs in agricultural input and output marketing in Tigray Region of Adwa Woreda. It was emphasized on evaluating their overall performances and level of members’ participation as well as perceived problems. A three-stage random sampling procedure was followed to select 4 MPCs and a total of 163 sample respondents. Both primary and secondary data were taken in to consideration to examine the performance of the input and output marketing by MPCs. Descriptive statistics were used to compare the explanatory variables of the active and passive participation of sample respondents in the agricultural input and output marketing. Testing differences between two samples were done using T-test and Chi-square test. The result revealed that there was a significant difference between the two groups of sample farmers regarding their age, education, and livestock ownership in TLU, number of oxen in TLU, shareholding, distance of the cooperative office from the farmer member’s residence, membership of the household in other cooperatives, perception on change standard of life due to joining of the MPCs, access to mass media and perception of Hh on price of agricultural fertilizer

Authors Name: 
Dr. M. Muthyalu