Impact of M (Mobile) Commerce Applications and Romance on Consumers

ABSTRACT-M-Commerce is a darling of the markets. In today’s market, consumers are living different bedrocks like Globalization, digitalization and retaliations and cyber democracy. In cyber democracy wire marketing is disappeared and wireless marketing is aroused it is nothing but M Commerce romance. M Commerce romance is strongly seated in the minds of the consumers especially in youth minds. M Commerce becomes a vehicle of growth engine for all over the world. The use of wireless technologies to provide convenient personalized and location-based services to your customers, employees and partners. The philosophy of M- Commerce one to one strategy. Globally everyone is excited and MCommerce is emerging to be terrific way for consumer to buy. The entire searching, comparing (both items and price) and buying process is reasonably seamless, confidential, at your own time and convenient, you don’t have visit shop or store, you don’t have stand in checkout counters, and you don’t have travel long distance for shopping. You can do shopping when you want (24X7) and no worry about timings and tune into customer sentiment