Effective Warehousing: A Boon for Supply Chain Laurels

ABSTRACT-Effective warehousing is regarded as competitive weapon as wider market demands incessant supply of goods and that too in authentic condition. This genuine nature of goods is protected by warehousing/storage methods and techniques used by firms. Managers can augment the profitability of business by adopting proper warehousing management control devices and competitive strategies thereby enhancing supply chain efficiency. The present study highlights the warehousing management systems adopted in 44 small scale units operating in district Udhampur of J&K State. The research framework was examined by empirical analysis of primary data collected. Validity and reliability of the scales in the construct were assessed through BTS and Cronbachalpha. The results of Regression analysis and correlation revealed that effective warehousing management improves competitive strength, it has positive impact on enhanced preservation & control and proper warehouse management is directly related to overall cost reduction.

Authors Name: 
Dr. Vipul Chalotra