CONTENTS  IFSMRC AIJRM              ISSUE-01, Volume-02, Jul-Dec-2013


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1 Recommendations from the Ph. D Research Work on Marketing of Higher Education Institutes in India- A Study of the Selected Management Institutes
 - Bikash Gogoi
2 Consumer Decision Making Styles in Chennai Shopping Malls: An Empirical Study
 - Dr.Lalitha Balakrishnan, Ms. Nisha.U,
3 A Study in Three Different Industries, Cement Industry, Heavy Machinery Industry, Milk Dairy Located In Krishna Dt, India
 - Dr.D.N.M Raju,          Mr. Sudhamsetti.Naveen
4 A  Comparative Analysis of Motivation and its Impact on Job Performance – An Empirical Review
 - Dr.S.M.Murali Krishna, Mr. P. Atmakaran Reddy, Dr. K. Sudesh Kumar
5 Responsibility and Service Provisions of Water Supply and Sanitation Regulations in Ethiopia
 - Dr. C. Anbalagan,  Dr. Brehanu Borji, Mr. Dawit
6 An Examine Of the Risks Emerging In Public Sector Banking Companies in Existing Era
- Ms.M.Malathi Dr.P.K.Muthappan
Communication Process Among Select College Students – An Empirical Study
 - Dr. A. Patrick, Prof. T. Mr. Krishna Kumar
8 Management Applications of Perspectives on Risk and Fertility of Dry Lands Reclamation in India
 - Dr. C. Anbalagan, Andinet Asmalesh,     Mr. Dawit
9 Comparative Analysis of Quality of Work Life among Public and Private Sector Bank Employees
 - Dr. Lokanadha Reddy.M, Dr. Mohan Reddy.P
10 Specific Role of Industrial Training in Creating Employability for Engineering Aspirants: Empirical Study Based on Survey
- Mr. Hardeep Singh, Mr. Bikram Pal Singh
The Role of Independent Director in the Indian Corporate Sector: An Evaluation
 - Dr.Y.Sucharita
12 A Study about the Role of Placement Training and Induction Program for the Significant Improvement of Professional Engineers
 - Dr.P.Jegetheeswari, Mr.R.Nagaraj
Service Strategy Model for Paradigm Shift- A Global Prospective
 - Gyan Mani Singh Chauhan, Dr. C. Anbalagan