Communication Process Among Select College Students – An Empirical Study

Abstract The purpose of communication is to get his/her message across to others clearly and unambiguously. In spite of the increasing importance placed on communication skills, many individuals continue to struggle with this, unable to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively – whether in verbal or written format. This inability makes it nearly impossible for them to compete effectively in the workplace, and stands in the way of career progression. In this paper an attempt has been made to understand the finer nuances of communication among the college students. This paper is based on primary and secondary sources of data. For primary data a structured questionnaire adapted from was administered. Interpretations are drawn using simple statistical tools. The analysis revealed variations among the student folks as to how they apply themselves on the parameters of planning, encoding, selection of channel, decoding and feedback for effective communication.

Authors Name: 
Dr. A. Patrick, Prof. T. Mr. Krishna Kumar