Management Applications of Perspectives on Risk and Fertility of Dry Lands Reclamation in India

Abstract In the present context, dry land/rain fed agriculture has been broadly classified on the basis of proportion of cropped area irrigated. Based on the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) regions, areas with less than 25 percent of irrigation were classified as dry land areas while those with more than 25 percent irrigation were considered as irrigated regions. Considering this classification, all the 58 regions, covering major states in India, for which information about important indicators was available, half of the regions were identified as dry land. The watershed is a continuous area whose runoff water drains to a common point, so that it facilitates water harvesting and moisture concentration. A river basin is the largest watershed that can be imagined but for the purpose of drylandagricultural development the areas chosen are usually around smaller streams and are denoted as mini or micro-watersheds of about 500 hectares, equivalent to more or less the average area of a village

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Dr. C. Anbalagan, Andinet Asmalesh, Dawit Daniel