Specific Role of Industrial Training in Creating Employability for Engineering Aspirants: Empirical Study Based on Survey

Abstract Industrial training is considered to be an effective tool to enhance engineering graduates’ employability. Every business owner prefers to engage the services of versatile people so that they can benefits from their theoretical knowledge as well as practical experiences. Obviously, engineering graduate students become highly employable if they are doctored with a mixture of theory and practical. Employers have complained over the years that, though students are knowledgeable, they lack practical skills hence they become less useful to industry. In this research paper, our focus is to explore employer’s suggestions on how to improve students’ performance so that they are work-ready when they graduate. The current debate on improving the quality of industrial training in engineering education has focused on whether graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to prepare them for the work environment. Feedback from employers indicates dissatisfaction with the quality of engineering graduates coming into the labor market

Authors Name: 
Mr. Hardeep Singh, Mr. Bikram Pal Singh