Comparative Analysis of Quality of Work Life among Public and Private Sector Bank Employees

Abstract Human resources play a very important role in the success of an organization and therefore, management of human resources assumes significance.Varied factors affect the management of human resources. One such factor is Quality of WorkLife. In quality of work life, quality of life describes a person’s or group’s standard of living environment, public health, safety and general surroundings while quality of work life encompasses things that affect their well-being such as salary and benefits. Quality of work life is increasingly a significant part of the total benefits package. It is evident from the review of literature that the studies on quality of work life concerning banking sector, particularly of an inter-sectoral approach, are scanty and not adequate enough to arrive at meaningful inferences.The present study is an attempt on QWL in the organized public and private sector banks. It recognizes the various factors involved in the quality of work life of employees in the banking sector.

Authors Name: 
Dr. Lokanadha Reddy.M, Dr. Mohan Reddy.P