Demographic Dividend and Knowledge Economy Index

Indian economy with its 1.3 billion populations can act as powerhouse of the world economy. The potential strength of population with largest pool of young population needs to be tapped for inclusive growth and eradication of poverty. There is positive impact of globalization as India followed the path since 1990.The economic reforms in India has changed the socio economic life in many ways. The economic reforms with Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization opened not only the doors for competition but it also offered immense global opportunity for Indian talent. The growth of information technology and emergence of global companies like Infosys TCS and Wipro is the result of new economic policy. The future course with nano technology can help in reaping the benefits of new technology. The possibility of becoming India Super power depends solely to the extent we use the manpower and more precisely the brain power. This in turn depends on our capability to increase KEI index. In this paper an attempt is made to discuss the concept and dimensions of KEI and how to link it with the second generation of reforms.

Authors Name: 
Dr. V. B. Kakade, S. S. Suryvanshi