Influence of Urban Women in Family Buying Behavior-A Study with Special Reference to Kochi in Kerala, India

Several factors influence the consumer behavior of women as a consumer of goods purchased for common family use/consumption. Both internal and external aspects influence the consumer in the market. The various aspects could have variables like the personal, psychographic, family and social normative variables as also the perceived behavioral control variables as per the TPB, Consumer is motivated through persuasive techniques so as to change her attitude towards the purchase of goods/services. The attitude change technique is administered using Ad and market mix. Nonetheless, the external environment and the situational factors act as extraneous variables on the consumer attitude and purchase behavior. In this study the family aspects are probed to throw more limelight on the role of women in family decision making and purchase behavior with specific relevance to Kochi, the fastest growing metro in Kerala, also a key test marketing center in Kerala for all range of consumer products, with a strong penchant for online shopping and E commerce transactions, based on convenience.

Authors Name: 
Anilkumar.N and Dr. Jelsey Joseph