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ISSUE-03, Volume-05,Jan-Jun-2015

      CONTENTS  IFSMRC AIJRM  ISSUE-03, Volume-05, Jan-Jun-2015

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1 A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Big Bazaar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
 - Dr. Mu. Subrahmanian, S.Chandrasekaran, Ms. S. Loganayagi
2 A Corporation is looking After Multinationals. Is They Attractive for Their skills or just a means of Reducing Transaction Costs?
 - José G. Vargas-Hernández, Luis E. González-Armenta, L.A

3 Talent Identification Procedure for Handball Game
 - Dr. T. Madhan kumar
4 A Review of Foreign Investment Flows and Policies in India
 - Dr.B.K.SuryaPrakasha Rao,  Dr.K.Suryanarayana
5 VAT Charged at point of Importation by Customs and Repayment Procedure of Tax
 - Prof. Dr. Anbalagan Chinniah
6 A Review Study on E-Banking Trends and Dynamics
- Dr. P. Venkateswarlu
Claims for Social Justice in India
 - Deepika
8 Demise of Development Financial Institutions in India: Issues and Implications
 - Ms Renu Gupta
9 An Analysis of Fund Management of HDFC Bank Limited, India
- Dr. A. Joseph Xavier, Ms. M. Kala Devi
Standard Deviations: Flawed assumptions, Tortured Data, And Other Ways to Lie With Statistics
 -Gary Smith