A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Big Bazaar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The topic of the research is “A study on consumer behaviour” with special reference to big bazaar, Chennai. This study helps to identify the consumer behaviour towards the product and also the various factors affecting customer satisfaction. The following are the objectives of the study To analyze customers preference for big bazaar, customers expectation and satisfaction levels, To understand the perception of the customer towards big bazaar and to measure the significance of demographic variables on shopping behavior dimensions. The purpose of the survey process is to analyze the consumer behavior of big bazaar. In order to achieve a competitive position in the market, employer must know the factor which plays a crucial role in retaining hardworking individual with the organization or company. The research work will propose a true idea that identifies key factors which are of great importance to customers. The research design used in this study is Descriptive research design. Data from the customers visiting big bazaar were collected as population study. Data was collected by survey method through structured questionnaire with close ended questions. The primary data was obtained through questionnaire and secondary data from the company records and through internet. Statistical analysis was done through simple percentage method, weighted average analysis, chi square, friedman Test, factor analysis and correlation. From the analysis it was found that the big bazaar satisfying consumer needs and wants and the customers satisfied with the variety of products. The study infers that most of the customers are delighted with the location of Big Bazaar as it is located in the most intensely populated area of Chennai

Authors Name: 
Dr. Mu. Subrahmanian, S.Chandrasekaran, Ms. S. Loganayagi