Talent Identification Procedure for Handball Game

Team handball is a dynamic sport that is fun to play and exciting to watch. The sport uses natural athletic skills such as running, jumping, throwing, and catching to provide the action for the game. Players and spectators alike enjoy the fast, continuous play, the body contact, and the goalie action. First-time spectators describe team handball as soccer with your hands, but they also notice elements that remind them of basketball, water polo, and ice hockey. Now there are many international events, where the handball is a major attraction .The handball game achievement in International competition is more prestigious to any country. So all countries implementing the different plan to improve the handball performance and win medals. The purpose of the study is to put light on talent identification procedure for handball game. Talent identification at early ages is one of the major methods to improve the performances. Some of the leading western countries got benefit from the model. But in Ethiopia not yet implementing the talent identification procedure properly. Handball talent identification is approached from many different angles, depending on which countries are looking at and the sport for which athletes are being recognised and recruited. This study looks at the talent identification and prediction of future success

Authors Name: 
Dr. T. Madhan kumar