Pros and Cons with Techniques to improve E- Commerce Business in India

The e-commerce is one of the biggest things that have taken the Indian business in new form. It is creating an entire new economy to the society, which has huge resources to change the way of business activities. The mile stone of e-commerce is raising incomes and a greater variety of goods and services that can be bought through the internet. It induced consumers to buy goods and services through online which are more attractive and convenient for them all over the country. This article tries to present a highlight of the role of e-commerce business indicating the category of e-commerce business, organizations involved in e-businesses, to examine the growth of e-commerce in both physical and financial terms, to critically analyze the barriers and constraints involved in flourishing e-commerce businesses in India and also state the role of government provide a legal framework for e-commerce.

Authors Name: 
. Gaurangkumar C. Barot