ISSUE-02, Volume-04,Jul-Dec-2014

      CONTENTS  IFSMRC AIJRM  ISSUE-02, Volume-04,Jul-Dec-2014

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1 Global Economic Crisis: An Analysis for Indian Economy
 - Ms. Aanchal Gupta
2 Optimism: A Factor of Intrinsic Motivation and Achievement
 - Anju Tripathi and Dr. K.R.Chaturvedi
3 The Art of Joint Development Logistics Platform Manzanillo, Colima
 - José G. Vargas-Hernández, M.B.A.; Ph.D Manuel Rivas Rocha, M.A. D.
4 Demographic Dividend and Knowledge Economy Index
 - Dr. V. B. Kakade and  S. S. Suryvanshi
5 The Economic Rationale for Rent and Positioning of Shops in Shopping Centers
 - Sumanta Deb
6 How to Address the Gender Issues in Agriculture and Rural Development in Ethiopia?
- Dr. R. Dayanandan
An Analysis on Escalating Strategic Business and Nimble-Fingered Leaders for an Emerging Economies in India-A Conceptual Approach
 - Prof. Dr. Anbalagan Chinniah
8 Influence of Urban Women in Family Buying Behavior-A Study with Special Reference to Kochi in Kerala, India
 - Anilkumar.N and Dr. Jelsey Joseph
9 Examining the Interrelationship of Experiential Marketing with Experiential Value and Purchase Behavior and Their Impact on Customer Loyalty – A Case Sage of BSNL India
- A. Mahesh,  Dr. G.P. Dinesh,